Politicians at work

Politicians at work

Balancing budgets is not ideological: it’s just plain common sense

Whenever we hold a talk about balanced budgets on campus, there’s always one person in the audience to ask “But won’t this help the rich / hurt the poor?” While I always enjoy taking the time to answer this question during talks, after all, a large part of what we...


Want to balance the budget? Start by cutting corporate welfare

For a government supposedly hellbent on “helping the middle and those working hard to join it”, Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau sure seem to have a broad definition of what the middle class represents in Canada. From multi-million-dollar deals to help massively profitable foreign multinationals like Toyota create only a handful of...



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Debt-to-GDP Ratio: What Does it Measure and What Doesn’t It Say?

There is this recurring criticism we hear at Generation Screwed regarding how we should use the debt-to-GDP ratio to calculate whether government debt is growing, rather than using its nominal dollar value. While the debt-to-GDP ratio is a commonly used measure and a good way to compare government debts across...


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