Politicians at work

Politicians at work

Trudeau spent the rainy day fund while the sun was still shining

One trillion dollars. A one with twelve zeroes after it. A thousand billion dollars. It’s where Canada’s federal debt is heading in the next half year. We all knew the number was going to be jaw-dropping, but it turned out to be even worse than the even the most pessimistic...


Today’s deficits are nothing more than tomorrow’s taxes

s the numbers roll in, big government delivers more bad news. Finance Minister Bill Morneau and the Federal government are ringing in the new year by announcing deficits to the tune of $26.6 billion for this year and another $28.1 billion next year.



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Should we make future generations pay for today?

In my role as a regional coordinator for Generation Screwed, I have the amazing opportunity to talk to students about the threat that government debt and deficits pose to their future. However, over the past year I’ve also had the opportunity to be part of another grassroots movement on my campus,...


The Unfair Legacy of Government Debt

When we think of leaving behind a legacy for the next generation, we envision leaving them a world that’s better ours. We think of leaving behind a world that guarantees them some sense of security. But what are we truly leaving behind?


We don’t have to be screwed

It’s time to start telling our government how we feel about Canada’s growing debt.

Join Generation Screwed to be a part of a growing youth movement fighting for fairness.

Together, we can hold irresponsible politicians accountable to taxpayers and future generations.

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