Open Letter to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland

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Open Letter to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland

To Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, 

As Canada’s new finance minister, it’s important for you to hear from young Canadians. 

Canada’s federal debt is about to hit $1 trillion. 

Temporary programs are too expensive to go on forever. 

We need an economic recovery that’s realistic in the long term. 

There will be many lobbyists and interest groups using the current crisis to push for measures that benefit the few instead of the many. 

Canadians can’t afford that. 

My generation can’t afford and carry this burden

We have to work together to make sure that Canada’s future is bright and secure for everyone. 

Here are important ideas that will make a difference for all Canadians: 

✓ Cut spending by reducing the number of bureaucrats by 15 per cent and cut bureaucrat salaries by an average of 15 per cent while also cutting salaries for members of Parliament and senators.

✓ End corporate welfare and reduce spending on non-priority departments, agencies and Crown corporations such as the CBC Support Canadian businesses and families by cutting business and personal taxes.

 ✓ Make a concrete plan to bring the budget back to balance in the medium term. 

Effective government depends on engaged citizens and that’s why I’m standing with thousands of taxpayers across Canada to urge you and all MPs to deliver effective help in the short term with prudent planning to keep our economy strong in the long term. I look forward to receiving your response.



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